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£ 4.95

After my recent purchase of the Amazon Kindle I was amazed of its features. I have never know anybody to have a Kindle nor have I looked at one before purchasing. But I knew what they do… you buy books on Amazon then you read them on there. However the price reduction in the kindle books compared to the paper back books are actually huge. I done a quick check of the database and found that the kindle book store has 40,000 free books and 1.5 million pay to read books!

It is so simple to use as well, you literally link it to your account with your credit or debit card and then you can purchase from the kindle like a smart phone app download. If you buy 1 book per month or more i suggest you buy a kindle.

And if you do want to protect yourself it is always best to buy a case. There are of course millions of kindles sold and even more cases for each one. Some are high priced and some are low quality. However this one above is indeed a rare find. It has luxury finish inside and comes with a strap holder for your kindle to avoid it slipping out. Also it has an inside pocket for you to store pens papers and notes in.

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